Long-term rental car specialty store Serious prices that we can offer because we are vehicle professionals

Our specialized staff utilizes our know-how in used car sales
to secure vehicles and provide after-sales support to customers.
Our rental vehicles are high-quality used vehicles
that have been regularly serviced and inspected.

Our professional staff will maintain your vehicle in-house,
which greatly reduces costs, making it the only vehicle you can rent with confidence.
We provide a variety of services such as agency for non-life insurance
companies and contribute to the region as a locally-rooted company.

Kumamoto Rentacar Kumamoto Rentacar

Please compare with other companies!

(24 hours)
Company A Company B Kumamoto
Rental Car
Price 3,600yen + α 4,000yen + α 3,300yen
(Additionally up to 55% OFF*1)
Option 1,080 yen 1,080 yen All-Inclusive!
Navigation 540yen 540yen
Child seat 540yen 1,080 yen
ETC - 540yen
Tire chain 540yen 540yen
(Options included)
6,300yen 7,780yen 3,300yen
(Additionally up to 55% OFF*1)

*1) In case of monthly contractFor monthly light vehicles,
the fee is 3,300 yen from the 1st day to the 15th, and 1,500 yen
from the 16th day onward.Compact cars, hybrids, and minivans are also half the normal price after the 16th day.

Vehicle type 24 hours monthly
① From 1st to 15th
②After the 16th day
additional day additional 15 minutes
Light vehicle 3300yen ①3300yen
3300yen 1100yen
Compact car 3850yen ①3850yen
3850yen 1100yen
Hybrid car 7150yen ①7150yen
7150yen 1650yen
Minivan 8800yen ①8800yen
8800yen 1650yen
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    Whether you are an individual or a company,
    we are always available for car-related matters.
    If you would like to request a rental car or get a quote,
    please feel free to contact us here.